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Blind Spot Destction Systems: Sensor Assist
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Auto makers are now offering Blind Spot Detection Systems on many new vehicles, using a variety of technology including electronic sensors, convex mirrors and cameras, all in an effort to assist drivers to see whats beside them before changing lanes. DONMAR proudly offers an all new aftermarket Electronic Blind Spot Detection System, suitable for installation in most passenger vehicles.
Improves awareness when lane shifting, because what you can't see CAN hurt you.

Professional installation required.

Get OEM technology NOW, in an aftermarket solution - DONMAR Has It!

Blind Spot Dectction Systems (BSDS)

The left side exterior mirror provides ~5 view to the driver, and the right side only ~12 view, while the interior rearview mirror provides ~20 view, leaving nearly 37 of the rear view area obscured from the drivers view - a large blind spot! Lane shifting without some additional view can easily result in an accident if a passing vehicle is obscured within that blind area to either side. BSDS's enhance driver awareness of space beside them by alerting if there is an object or vehicle in their blind zones.

Blind Zones     Blind Zones
BSDS's help alert you you of another vehicle beside you before shifting lanes.



Blind Spot Detection System
sensor based blind zone alert
Part#  BSDS-BS200

BSDS Detailed Specifications

Important Notes for Blind Spot Detection Systems:  BSDS's are intended as an electronic aid, subject to interpretation by the driver. Aftermarket BSDS is turn signal activated and will not function if turn signals are not used. BSDS's do not relieve the driver of their responsibility to exercise caution when driving, and obey all safety rules and regulations. Sensors are NOT a substitute for visual verification through use of rearview mirrors and direct view through the rear and side windows. DONMAR makes NO warranty for safety or accident prevention through the use of BSDS's.  Sonar based sensors are subject to false positives and may not be reliable at high speeds when the other vehicle is moving at a different speed.  

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