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Avoiding parking lot fender benders can save money, headaches and lives. DONMAR offers a range of OEM grade electronic parking assist systems for better driver awareness and peace of mind.
Professional installation required.

   P2000 Kit      P4000 Kit   •    Front Sensor Control       P5000 Kit

Consumer interest in backup assist systems is 74%, according to J.D. Power & Associates U.S. Automotive Emerging Technology Study.  U.S. D.O.T is proposing NHSTA regulations to require that all passenger vehicles be equipped with a rear view detection system by 2014.    Get OEM technology NOW, in an aftermarket kit - DONMAR Has It!

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P2000 Dual Sensor Kit
Audible only, with 2 - 9° sensors (can be expanded to 4 sensors).
P2000 Kit

P2000 Bumper Layout

Analog Sensors

3/36 Warranty

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Optional 22mm Hole Saw  HS22


 Download our PDF Brochure - P2000

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P4000 Quad Sensor Kit
Audible beep plus quad zone visual display. 4 - 9° degree sensors.
P4000 Kit

P4000 Bumper Layout

Analog Sensors

Buzzer LED Display 

3/36 Warranty

Hole Saw  HS22
Optional 22mm Hole Saw  HS22

 Download our PDF Brochure - P4000

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P2000-SSC Front Sensor Module
analog control module eliminates manually activated front sensors.


Simply the best way to add front sensors to any vehicle, because it does NOT require manual activation/deactivation by the driver. The P2000-SSC system responds to the speed of the vehicle. If the speed drops below the preset value, the system will be activated. If the speed exceeds the preset value, the system will be deactivated. Depending on the configuration, the system will also deactivate if the vehicle is stationary or 10 seconds after the vehicle has stopped. The system can also be deactivated by applying the brake or 10 seconds after having applied the brake.
NOTE: Analog VSS input required. Most CAN-bus systems output digital VSS signal. Additional digital to analog conversion module may be required.

SSC System can be set for the following modes:
Mode 1 - Speed activation: Front parking sensor system will remain activated until the speed exceeds the preset value.
Mode 2 - Speed activation with stop deactivation: The front parking sensor system will be deactivated as soon as the vehicle is stationary.
Mode 3 - Speed activation with delayed stop deactivation: The front parking sensor system will be deactivated once the vehicle remains stationary for 10 seconds or longer.
Mode 4 - Speed activation with brake deactivation: The front parking sensor system will be deactivated as soon as the foot brake or the hand brake is applied.
Mode 5 - Speed activation with delayed brake deactivation: The front parking sensor system will be deactivated 10 seconds after having applied the foot brake or the hand brake.

3/36 Warranty

DONMAR Part Number  P2000-SSC

 Download our PDF Brochure - P2000-SSC

Curb-Alert Front Sensor
Eliminates curb and parking bumper scuffs on low front air dams.
P5000 Kit
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Curb-Alert™ is a patent-pending curb detection device that uses the latest in Infrared LED technology to determine the distance of your vehicle from a curb or other low obstacle. It sends out infrared waves that are analyzed by the system to determine how far your vehicle is from the curb. If it determines that your vehicle is dangerously close to the curb, it alerts you with an audible in-cabin tone to prevent damage to your front bumper, spoiler or valence panel.   Housed within a weatherproof case to handle any weather conditions thrown at it.  Curb-Alert™ is an invaluable and easily installed addition to any vehicle with a low front end, from a sports coupe to a hybrid.

        • Audible alert tone with high/low volume setting
        • Adjustable warning distance from 8-28 inch curb distances
        • Sophisticated weather-proof single infra-red sensor design
        • Easy self-calibration to curb warning distance of your choice.
        • Easy to reset calibration distance, without reinstallation
        • Draws only 35 mA when activated
        • Simple direct battery terminal hookup for power
        • Auto shut-off 3 minutes after engine is turned off (current sensing)
        • Built-in sensor failure indicator
        • Sophisticated software programming eliminates “false alarms”
          from sunlight and random disturbances
        • 3year/36,000mile limited warranty

 Download our PDF CurbAlert Brochure - BM5000-CA


CurbAlert Comparison
Original                   PRO

NEW Curb-Alert™ Pro includes all the functionality of the original model in a new, lower profile design that's nearly 1/3 the size! Profesional grade wiring harness connects to ignition switched power under the hood so it powers on and off with the vehicle. 3year/36,000mile limited warranty

 Download our PDF CurbAlert PRO Brochure - BM5000-CA5

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P5000W Wireless Digital Quad Sensor Kit
Audible beep with quad zone visual display. 4 zero degree sensors. 940MHz wireless,  digital signal.
P5000 Kit

Digital Sensors

LED Display

Trailer Icon               Truck w/ Chrome Bumper

3/36 Warranty

Hole Saw  HS22
Optional 22mm Hole Saw HS22

 Download our PDF Brochure - P5000


Important Notes for Parking Assist Systems:
Parking Assist systems are intended as a parking aid. Due to the nature of the systems, some obstacles may not be detected or may be idfentified inaccurately due to physical reflection properties. The system does not relieve the driver of their responsibility to exercise caution when backing and to obey all safety rules and regulations. Electronic parking aids are NOT a substitute for visual verification.

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